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Use your Easter -it will be here before you know it

Every year on Easter Christians everywhere gather to celebrate and commemorate the very basis of their faith - Jesus' resurrection from the dead.  It is the day celebrating Jesus' victory over our sin by defeating sins' punishment - death.   


Are you leveraging this holiday for your own sanctification or another's salvation?  As we are 7 weeks ahead of Easter consider:


1) doing a bible study focused on the last week of Jesus' life and his sayings at the cross

2) re-reading the gospel accounts of Jesus' crucifixion for your devotional times

3) inviting a friend to a one-on-one evangelistic study leveraging Easter themes


Why We Leave Ebook

Why we leave was written as a quick 100-page shot of mission motivation. It was born out of personal reflections and promises a future missionary-to-be grappled with before leaving.  Each of the chapters are rationale for being a gospel goer.