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The Easter Hand-out Bible

This evangelistic Bible was written to be handed out and used in conversations leading up to Easter.  It contains a short introduction section on the basics of Easter and then contains each gospel writer's account of the events leading up to Easter weekend. It is available online at

Use your Easter -it will be here before you know it

Every year on Easter Christians everywhere gather to celebrate and commemorate the very basis of their faith - Jesus' resurrection from the dead.  It is the day celebrating Jesus' victory over our sin by defeating sins' punishment - death.   


Are you leveraging this holiday for your own sanctification or another's salvation?  As we are 7 weeks ahead of Easter consider:


1) doing a bible study focused on the last week of Jesus' life and his sayings at the cross

2) re-reading the gospel accounts of Jesus' crucifixion for your devotional times

3) inviting a friend to a one-on-one evangelistic study leveraging Easter themes