How are you preparing for mission? Hudson Taylor did...

I was so convicted by this blurb our of Hudon Taylor's Spiritual Secret book on the topic of preparing for China,


“At once he began to prepare, as well as he could, for a life that would call for physical endurance.  He took more exercise in the open air, exchanged his feather bed for a hard mattress and was watchful not to be self-indulgent at table.  Instead of going to church twice on Sunday, he gave up the evening to visiting in the poorest parts of town, distributing tracts and holding cottage meetings.  In crowded lodging-house kitchens he became a welcome figure, and even on the race course his bright face and kindly words opened the way for many a straight message.  All this led to more Bible study and prayer, for he soon found that there is One and One alone who can make us ‘fishers of men.’ [i]

[i]  Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret  by Dr. & Mrs. Howard Taylor, Moody Press  Chicago, Illinois   p. 22-26


1) Have I identified what will be needed of me to promote longevity in gospel labour?

2)  Am I willing to forgo things now, because I will most likely need to forgo them to be fruitful later?

3) In a lot of cases, living missionally now is the best litmus test for how and if I should do it full-time later on?

4) Living missionally now does not prepare you only for future service, but provides sanctification and possible salvations now.  You might even raise up others to go with you!



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